Meet the Bundrens, a down-at-the-heels family of dirt farmers in Yoknapatawpha County. Who lays dying? Addie Bundren, the mother. She listens to the “chuck, chuck” of the adze as her son, Cash chisels away at her casket.

An easy read? Hardly. You need to piece together the plot and the characters through the eyes of the others. You’re being placed in each of the fifteen characters’ heads. It takes some getting used to.

What attracted me to the book was the knowledge that it once was banned in Kentucky for being anti-Christian. I suppose an extramarital affair with a preacher, premarital sex, abortion, desecration of a body might be construed as such.

I knew the book was good the moment I exclaimed “OH FOR PETE’S SAKE!’, and “OH SHUT UP! ”

I love a good antagonist and found him in Anse Bundren, the scrooge, the narcissist, the misogynist…

For struggling students, I uploaded the file and added illustrations, annotations, and hyperlinks throughout the book for an easier read.


Read the illustrated book ‘As I Lay Dying’ online


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