“I hate reading books without pictures”, is what many a student tells me whenever I hand out the reading list for English class. “There’re always so many words I don’t understand”, says another. I get it.

Since our school has no library, all books on the list must be downloadable from the internet and free of charge (which is easy enough), but how do I get them to read?

I recently re-read Hemingway and realized that I hadn’t the foggiest that a turtle’s heart can beat on for hours after being cut up and butchered.  Really? Yes, really! And what is a ‘gunwale’ or a ‘Portugese man of war’ and how long is a ‘fathom’?

Yes, I DO get it. Reading a book can be tiresome (not), so I added all bits and pieces into my Pdf-file to ensure that no student of mine would have to go through the trouble of googling for information or, God forbid, open a dictionary. So here it is.

Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea – Illustrated


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